Mallorca Tourism

Points of interest in Mallorca


Mallorca is pure essence, it is smell and color, it is the magic of pure nature and the representation of calm in all its splendor. From north to south and from east to west, the island offers all that is good about its land: From landscapes to red and white wine, passing through first class gastronomy and a culture of leisure make this distination worthy of being one of the main Tourist spots on the planet. Mallorca is a trend, it is nature, it is gastronomy, it is business, it is nautical, it is light, it is warm and it is unique in every way. It is unique and unrepeatable. We await you on the island of calm.

Its particular orography creates the climate in which the island can display a fastinating range of landscapes and colors. In the Serra de Tramuntana (UNESCO World Heritage) the peaks reach 1400 meters in height and 500 in the Serra de Llevant. In the fertile central plane of the island you can enjoy the beautiful image of the unión of marine sediments, remains of displaced mountain material, and sand of the Sahara itself.
Mallorca has its own history, its language, its accent and a marked personality. The island is a meeting of cultures and civilizations. It is a traditional and close community accustomed to the passage of the travelers who visit it and who have left their footprints over time.

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