Meritxell Pacheco

Ramon Llull University, Spain



Integration in psychotherapy has been developing since the 90s and today it is difficult to question its presence in most areas of intervention and age groups. Constructivist psychotherapies have opted from the beginning for integration and very particularly for the theoretically progressive integration. In this symposium we present four constructivist-narrative contributions to the intervention and child and adolescent psychotherapy in different areas. Narrative therapy questions dominant discourses about the symptom and aims to address it in a way that the child’s identity is not defined by the problem. For this we can use specific techniques of narrative therapy or integrate techniques and strategies from other orientations into the intervention. The symposium consists of four communications in which results and strategies of psychotherapeutic intervention applied to different areas are presented. In communication 1, Dr. Elisabet Solórzano will present a model of constructivist intervention in early care and family resilience through a case. In communication 2, Dr. Chimpén will illustrate with several clinical vignettes about the re-association conversations and how they can be used in groups of educational cohabitation or in the private clinic, with adolescents who comply with judicial measures for having used violence with their parents. In communication 3, Dr. Campos will present the Med-Child project to retrace experiences of protecting children. In communication 4, Dr. Pacheco will illustrate from a case a constructivist-narrative integration model for the work on obsessive thoughts in adolescents, from the flexibilization of their cognitive structure and through a combination of constructivist techniques and multimodal format.

Meritxell Pacheco Pérez is Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Facultad de Psicologia, Ciències de l’Educació i de l’Esport FPCEE Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), institution in which she received her PhD in 2006, with extraordinary doctorate award. She has been a co-director of various postgraduate programs on adoption and reception since 2008. She is a Professor of the Master in General Health Psychology (URL) as well as other postgraduate programs, mainly in the area of ​​childhood, family and constructivist therapies. She is a member of the Psychology Research Group, Persona i Context (URL), and Director of the Adoption and Family Welcoming Research line. She is a reviewer of various scientific journals. Dr. Pacheco investigates and publishes mainly in the field of the adoptive filiation as well as on the narrative construction of the identity and the development of the psychotherapeutic process. She has coordinated and participated in numerous papers and communications, as well as participated in the co-organization of different congresses on psychotherapy and on constructivism, both nationally and internationally. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has dedicated to train, from a constructivist-narrative perspective, professionals working in the field of children and families, and specifically in the intervention with families adoptive for more than 10 years. Since 1997, Dr. Pacheco has combined her academic and research activities with clinical practice. She is a psychotherapist accredited by FEAP and as a general health psychologist.