Agustín Ernesto Martínez-González

University of Alicante, Spain



In recent years, several international studies have highlighted the importance of the transdiagnostic variables common to different mental disorders. In the specific case of disorders of the obsessive-compulsive spectrum and the autistic spectrum, they share common symptoms related to repetitive behavior. The current table of communications is aimed at describing the main neuropsychological findings of repetitive behavior, analyzing this variable between repetitive spectrum disorders, pointing out the relationships between behavioral problems and repetitive behavior in ASD and showing a crisis intervention protocol for ASD students with intellectual disability. It is concluded that there are similar symptomatological aspects such as repetitive behaviors and alterations in executive functions. In the same way, the studies carried out by the speakers at this symposium identify the relationship between behavioral problems and the severity of repetitive behavior in ASD. Finally, an exhibition of an action protocol, that has been published in the Ministry of Education of the Region of Murcia, will be shown.

Dr. Agustín Ernesto Martínez-González is a Professor in the Department of Psychology Evolutionary and Didactic of the University of Alicante. He holds several Masters related to clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology that have facilitated him to have a transversal perspective and neuroeducative of human behavior. In the field of research, he has participated in more than 50 national and international conferences related to psychology educational, neuropsychology and clinical psychology. Similarly, he has written numerous papers indexed with JCR (Social Science Edition) as well as books and book chapters. His research revolves around the beneficial factors for health in children and adolescents and the repetitive-compulsive behavior of disorders such as autism and other similar disorders. Finally, Professor Martínez-González is the editor of the Revista Discapacidad, Clínica y Neurociencias (RDCN) and reviewer of different international journals of recognized prestige.